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Portable Buildings & Homes Queensland

Portable Buildings Brisbane is one of the most recognized and reputed builders of portable buildings in Queensland. We provide portable buildings in Queenslandfor a variety of purposes like homes, granny flats, and offices. Our portable buildings are available throughout Australia.
Granny flats are a valuable addition to any property for those who are looking for extra space. Whatever your needs for additional space are, whether it is a traditional granny flat, a working studio or office, additional room for frequent guests or a room for growing family, our granny flats Queenslandare the perfect answer. We specialize in granny flats which are specially designed around the needs of people.
At Portable Buildings Brisbane, we make it easy to buy granny flats and have them built and ready to occupy in the shortest time possible. Each granny flat is built and manufactured in our factory by highly skilled craftsmen. We work with you to ensure that the granny flat we design for you meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.
Why build a granny flat
Granny flats can, increase your property value, and create extra living space.
They are also a popular option for families seeking to gain a little extra income through renting out space while still retaining their privacy.
Elderly people requiring a level of assistance from you can still have their own space and independence in the form of a granny flat.
Granny flats can also used for your favourite past times, hobbies, craft, music etc. It also provides a great space for home office.
You can pay off your mortgages with the income generated from the granny flat.
Granny flats are environment friendly and can be designed to fit within your budget.
At Portable Buildings Brisbane, we provide a range of granny flatsand portable homes in Queensland. We have extensive experience in building, designing and installing granny flats. Our granny flats include features like painting, floor coverings, kitchen, bathroom and many more. Our quality homes are designed to look good wherever they are placed.
We are granny flat specialists and we have been building granny flats at affordable prices. We aim to offer affordable housing through our fast construction methods. We can design and build a granny flat for you that not only give you additional space, but can also blend perfectly into the surroundings.
We aim to provide a professional and personal service while creating minimum disruption throughout the process. We can meet all your space needs with little or no impact to your existing property. We employ latest building methods and ensure highest environmental standards are maintained while providing a quick, flexible service.
Our experienced staff provides a hassle free experience throughout all stages of the process.
Our granny flats can be altered or modified to suit your needs. We carefully consider budget and your building space while considering the unit that suits your needs. This is the reason why we have become the leading builder for portable homes in Brisbane.
We have been in the building industry for many years and our professional staff knows how to treat customers. We work with you to design a home that is just right for you. We are here to ensure that each of our clients is 100% satisfied with their granny flat.
We have a reputation for building the best portable buildings in Queensland and we take pride in our quality workmanship. With our innovative designs, and quality workmanship you receive the perfect granny flats that meet your individual needs.
For more information on our granny flats in Queensland, call us today.
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