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Site Offices
•  9M Long
•  Full Insulation
•  Deluxe Finish
•  Option To Add Wet
PRICE: $17,500
•  6M Long
•  Full Insulation
•  Deluxe Finish
•  Option To Add Wet
PRICE: $10,500
Do you need workspace in your office but don’t have the time for lengthy construction? Our portable office is the perfect solution for your short or long term site office needs.
We have the best portable offices in Brisbane for your business. Whether your need for modular office space is short term or long term, or permanent, we offer portable offices for sale to suit your project and budget.
The portable Office is a finished 6M or 9M long building completed on the inside with Gyprock plaster board and cornices ready to use. All Electrical components are fitted to a standard range and extras of electrical and plumbing items are available on demand.
Our modular offices can be designed and installed quickly. Our modular offices offer workers more space and comfort. Designed to reduce high building costs, and lengthy construction times, our site offices can be installed and are ready to occupy within weeks.
Our commercial modular offices in Brisbane can save your company time and money because it takes less time to build. We specialize in designing modular office buildings and portable buildings to meet your business requirements. We have helped many businesses build affordable modular office buildings.
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