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Design Details
Portable Buildings Brisbane has many years experience providing complete Brisbane modular building design solutions to customers in Brisbane. We are the source for award-winning, innovative modular building design Brisbane solutions.
The Granny Flat design includes a kitchen area, enclosed shower, vanity and WC.
We supply stylish, contemporary modular deluxe building Brisbane. Our granny flats are manufactured in our factory under the supervision of a team of skilled Brisbane portable home builders.
Our portable building design showcases our superior finishes with:
Colourbond Products :

Our Units are finished in Colourbond®steel that offers a variety of colours and a superior weather proof finish.
External Plumbing :

We have a “Plug In/Easy Install” system for Electrical and Plumbing connection. Pipes and connections are available to the outside of the unit for connection to your utilities.
Internal Steel :

Our frames are made from steel and all joints are fully welded (no rivets are used). Walls are cladded internally in Gyprock with cornices.
Pink Batts Insulation :

Full Pink Batt insulation in ceiling and wall cavities of all exterior walls.
Universal Beams :

Heavy duty 180mm RSJ (universal beam) skids. These are a structural beam used for support in construction. They also assist with moving / sliding the unit onto transport and moving into place.
Yellow Tongue Termite Proof :

Red Tongue floor board is used which is termite protected and with its resin-enriched surface ensuring weather durability.
  •  Safety Switch
•  Fire Detection Alarm wired in
•  Choice of a junction box or caravan 3 pin plug for external power connection
•  Construction on 2 sturdy Universal Beams for ease of lifting/shifting/relocating
•  Hot water system is an optional extra, if required.
Why modular:
•   Superior quality
    Since modular buildings are built indoors, they are not exposed to the elements of nature that leads to warping,  insects, and modular     construction provides a better quality building.
•   Faster
    One of the main advantages of a modular building is speed. Since the building can be constructed in the factory, overall construction     time is reduced and not affected by weather allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your new building much sooner.
•   Easier
    On-site construction can be affected by weather changes and other factors and ultimately results in budget overruns and delays.     Modular buildings are built in a controlled environment, thereby reducing many of the challenges faced in on-site built construction.
•   Affordable:
    Modular construction provides huge labour and time savings, thereby resulting in cost savings. Even considering transportation     charges, modular buildings can be as competitive as on site buildings. Also, modular construction is not faced with potential delays and     budget overruns commonly seen in on-site building construction, which can make modular buildings more affordable.
•   Flexible:
    Buildings needs change with time. You want more space or less space in the future. You may even want to relocate your building.     Modular buildings are well adapted to expansion, reduction, or relocation needs.
•   Eco-friendly:
    Modular home construction is eco-friendly. There is a minimal waste and minimal effect on the area surrounding the site of the home.
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