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Granny Flats
•  2 Bedroom Option
•  Separate Bathroom
•  45 Sqm of Living Space
•  L Shaped Design
PRICE: $39,995
•  9M Long
•  Separate Bedroom
•  Separate Bathroom
PRICE: $25,200
Are you looking for a portable house or granny flat? Look no further.
Portable Buildings Brisbane are portable home builders in Brisbane which means we build and construct your home at our factory and bring it to your site for installation. This is one of the best ways to have a new home constructed at an affordable price.
Granny flats Brisbane from Portable Builders Brisbane are perfect solution for your housing needs. Our portable granny flats have been used with great success throughout Brisbane. The Granny Flat design includes a kitchen area, enclosed shower, vanity and WC. Plumbing and water is to the exterior of the unit for your connection. A Hot Water system is an optional extra.
Modular granny flats Brisbane are comfortable homes that are perfect for the retirement years. These portable houses are designed to be installed on the same lot as the home of a close family member. A granny flat can provide for informal support, companionship, and security while protecting privacy and independence. A granny flat also provides teenagers with their own space and it is also great for visiting guests and family.
Deluxe buildings built by Portable buildings Brisbane are customizable to make your dream house a reality. Our building design allows you to customize your residential building house with doors, windows, insulation and more.
We have many years experience in building portable homes Brisbane and so understand the benefits of building a home in an environmentally controlled facility with protection against the elements. We provide the best type of modular houses in Brisbane and utilize modern off-site construction technologies that are unavailable to the homes constructed on site and are exposed to all types of severe weather conditions including heat, rain, wind, and snow.
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