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Granny Flats Queensland

Your search for the right modular homes in Brisbane ends with Portable Buildings Brisbane. We successfully combine quality and affability in Australian modular buildings that we sell. If you want a better alternative an on-site built home, you can rely on us as we have proven track record in helping people build the right modularhomes within their needs and budget.
Advantages of modular homes
Constructing a modular home offers many advantages over traditional built homes. Some of the advantages of modular buildings are:
Quality: As modular homes are built in our factory by skilled people, they are rarely exposed to extreme weather conditions during construction. This helps us to offer high quality modular homes.
Speed: often modular homes can be completed in less time compared to conventional buildings. Our modular homes facilitate faster and more efficient construction process which means you experience a hassle-free house-building process.
Affordable: Modular houses can be built in a fraction of cost compared to conventional buildings.
Flexibility: Modular homes are more flexible and durable compared to conventional buildings.
If you are in market for a portable modular building, consider modular homes from Portable Buildings Brisbane. Whether you want a small home or a large home for a growing family, our modular homes can be customized to your needs.
Designing a new modular home should be exciting and rewarding, not stressful. Our modular buildings are designed and built using a stream lined process reducing project time and saving money. Our modular homes are designed to be sustainable, environment-friendly, and energy-efficient.
We provide you the most comprehensive home building experience. At Portable Buildings Brisbane, we have experienced staff who will assist you throughout the building process. This has made us the most sought after destination for modular homes, site offices and granny flats in Queensland.
The best part of our modular homes is that they are built in specification to your needs. Our modular homes are same or better than traditional site built homes in quality and craftsmanship. The quality and strength of our modular buildings due to steel framing ensure that you can relocate your modular home from site to site.
With extensive experience in building modular homes in Brisbane, we can help you bring your dream Unit into life. Our team has the knowledge and experience to make sure we deliver the project on time and within budget. We will help you build your modular home to meet your needs, accommodate your lifestyle and exceed your expectations. As a result of our experience we have earned the trust of our customers when it comes to their housing needs.
Buying modular homes from Portable Buildings Brisbane ensures that you get great value for your hard earned money. Our modular homes are priced lower compared to similar conventional homes. The price is discussed upfront and there are no surprise charges.
We have established a reputation for building affordable, quality modular homes. Our excellence in providing great Australian modular homes, our affordable pricing, and top-class personal service has earned us customer loyalty and repeat buyers. We sell our quality modular homes throughout Brisbane. So, no matter where you are in Brisbane, we can provide you a portable building.
We value the trust our clients placed in us and strive to deliver the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. We work closely with our clients, guide them throughout the building process, and help them make confident decisions. We maintain a clean working environment, and deliver what we promise.
Contact us today to find more about our modern modular homes in Brisbane.
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